Specialized Literary Translations

Whether translating a website or a book, you need a specialist. You need someone with proven experience in your niche – to create the kind of explosive content that will blow your readers’ minds.

In literary translations, there is a sure way to grab someone’s attention – through the use of stylistic devices, like metaphor, hyperbole, oxymoron, pun, etc.

The cost of posting weak, bland content on your website is too high. You lose this first impression, and your visitor leaves. Your content is your trademark. Every Word Should Be a Feast!

Literary Experience:

  • 2016-2018 – translating content for Beelinguapp, a language learning app featuring stories from all over the world in a side by side display.
  • 2018 – translating Owen Barfield’s fairy-tale The Silver Trumpet. See a sample here.
  • 2018 – translating C.S.Lewis’s poem “The Birth of Language” (published by SOURCE, ATA’s Quarterly Publication by the Literary Division).
  • 2018 – translating a children’s book on the life of the biblical Joseph.
  • 2017 – translating commentaries on traditional Jewish arguments against Christ.
  • 2009 – Library of Congress Digital Project
  • 2010-2012 – translating business book summaries for getAbstract (Brief-And-To-The-Point Publishing) that specializes in translating and publishing educational book abstracts:

Such titles as:

Monday Morning Management (Cottrell)
Call to action (Eisenberg)
Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit (Inghilleri)
Identifying And Managing Project Risk
Mythical Man-Month (Brooks)
One Minute Negotiator (Hutson)
Power Presenter (Weissman)
Rethinking Retention In Good Times And In Bad (Finnegan)
Silver Lining (Anthony)
Tuned In (Stull)
Why GM Matters (Holstein)

  • 2014 – Innovista’s web-site on developing leaders.
  • 2013 – Paul Benware’s book Understanding the End Times Prophecy.
  • 2009 – Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross, a book that teaches a cross-cultural perspective.
  • 2007 – editing an art-related booklet on Picasso’s artworks.
  • 2006 – “Five Golden Links in God’s Chain of Salvation”, an exposition of Romans 8:29-30, and “The Meaning of Baptism”, an article expounding the meaning of Scriptural Baptism. These materials were written and published by Herb Hatfield. hmhatfield@bellsouth.net
  • Major projects completed for Lutheran Heritage Foundation (komarov@carry.neonet.lv):
  • Church Postils by Martin Luther published in 1529 (over 50 sermons);


  • Church and Ministry, Walther;
  • Postmodern Times, G. Edward Veith;
  • Foolishness of God, Siegbert W. Becker;
  • A series of educational brochures titled “How To Answer”;
  • A number of expository works on the Lutheran Confessions.
  • Projects completed for Grace To Russia Publishing:
  • Charles Spurgeon’s three-volume work Treasury of David;
  • John Calvin’s commentaries on St. Paul’s epistles (1st and 2nd Corinthians).
  • Projects completed for Colloquium Publishing House (Ukraine):
  • A 500-page book on popular science, Science and Faith by
  • C. John Collins (published);
  • The Old Testament Canon in the Old Testament Church: The Internal Rationale for Old Testament Canonicity (Ancient Near Eastern Texts & Studies) by Robert I. Vasholz (published).