Russian Voice Talent

Save big on English to Russian ATA-certified translation when placing an order for Russian voice talent. I will translate your content plus record a deep male narration-style voice-over (see samples in English and Russian).

I specialize in medical, healthcare, spirituality, mental health, e-learning narration, commercial, and explainer videos.


I will:

  • Provide English to Russian (or Russian to English) translation for your content.
  • Record Russian or English voice-over.
  • Add subtitles using SubtitleEdit.
  • Align subtitles to the video.
  • Add music.

I provide a middle-aged deep narrative male voice over. Save on professional translation services! I am an ATA-certified English to Russian translator, interpreter, and voice talent.

I will provide an error-free translation of your script (or video) from English into Russian with a 50% discount when you order 1000 words worth of voice-over. See the prices here.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Free transcription of your video/audio content.
  2. Translation of your script with a 50% discount.
  3. Narration/podcast/audiobook style male voice over (see samples).
  4. Fast turnaround.

Since 1993, I have translated and edited over 100 books between English and Russian. I have written my own stories and turned them into an audiobook. Please listen to a sample below.


I can sing! I have sung for 10 years in a Russian folklore studio as a baritone. Please contact me for a custom offer.


I record voice-overs for podcasts, guided meditations, spiritual readings, book clubs, fiction, and non-fiction, etc. My voice sounds engaging and soothing like a father reading to a child.