Evgeny Terekhin is an ATA-certified EN-RU and RU-EN translator/editor/writer with 25 years of experience, based in Friendswood, TX. Translated and edited literary and academic works of C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, John Piper, and others. Worked for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for 10 years and other publishers such as Grace2Russia, Slavic Gospel Association, The Navigators, and various NGOs for over 20 years. Based in Friendswood, TX.

I produce native-level literary and academic-grade translations between English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Areas of specialization: literary, poetry, art, children’s books, psychology, education, philosophy, healthcare, spirituality, history, education, marketing, management, self-help.

Please see below for the list of projects completed in the field:

2020 – A book of personal reflections written by an immigrant, Why is There So Much Bloodshed in Israel” (91,000 words, Ru-En).

2018-2019 – A historical book exploring various existing interpretations of the Apocalypse (44,000 words Ru-En).

2018 – A.I. Klushin’s poem “Your Pride and Vileness Combined” (Russian to English). 

2017-2018 – editing extracts from the “Urantia” book.

2016-2018 – Owen Barfield’s fairy-tale “The Silver Trumpet.”

2018 – ACA-related mental health resources (a 12-step program for Adult Children of Alcoholics, World Service Organization).

2018 – Worship in the Dark, a devotional on the life and sufferings of the ancient Job (Ru-En).

2018 – a book on Egyptian and Byzantine chronologies and calendars exploring a wide range of time-keeping systems and different eras (35,000 words, Russian to English).

2018 – articles on the new developments in brain science. Current Research Indicates that Life Change Rarely Occurs as a Result of Logical Thinking.

2017 – C.S. Lewis’ poem “The Birth of Language.”

2017-2018 – a children’s book on the life and dreams of Joseph by Anne Griffits (Slavic Gospel Association).

2016 – C.S. Lewis’ poem “What the Bird Said Early in the Year.”

2017 – an article discussing a Christian response to Jews concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ. 

2015 – John Piper’s poem “The Innkeeper.”

2014 – Innovista’s website on developing leaders.

2009-2010 – “Russia at the Turn of the Millennium”, an online encyclopedia translation project (RU-EN).

2009 – Library of Congress World Digital Library. I was the primary Russian translator for the project. It can be viewed at 

2010-2012 – translation of business book abstracts for getAbstract (Brief-And-To-The-Point Publishing) which specializes in translating and publishing business/management/educational book summaries:

Such titles as: Monday Morning Management (Cottrell); Call to action (Eisenberg); Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit (Inghilleri); Identifying and Managing Project Risk; Mythical Man Month (Brooks); One Minute Negotiator (Hutson); Power Presenter (Weissman); Rethinking Retention In Good Times And In Bad (Finnegan); Silver Lining (Anthony); Tuned In (Stull); Why GM Matters (Holstein).

2013 – Paul Benware’s book Understanding the End Times Prophecy.

2009 – Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross, a book exploring a cross-cultural perspective in the context of the interreligious dialogue.

2007 – an art-related booklet on the works on Pablo Picasso.

2006 – 150 articles on developing life skills, leadership skills, and spiritually balanced living (MentorLink International).

Major projects completed for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation: (

Church Postils by Martin Luther written in 1529 (over 50 sermons);


Church and Ministry, Walther;

Postmodern Times, G. Edward Veith;

Foolishness of God, Siegbert W. Becker;

A series of educational brochures under the title “How To Answer”;

Several expository works based on the Lutheran Confessions.

Projects for GraceToRussia Publishing:

Charles Spurgeon’s three-volume work Treasury of David, currently on sale at;

John Calvin’s commentaries on St. Paul’s epistles (1st and 2nd Corinthians).

Projects for Colloquium Publishing House (Ukraine):

A 500-page book on popular science, Science and Faith by C. John Collins;

The Old Testament Canon in the Old Testament Church: The Internal Rationale for Old Testament Canonicity (Ancient Near Eastern Texts & Studies) by Robert I. Vasholz.