Human-produced Subtitles

Over 100,000 minutes of human-produced subtitles (En-Ru, Ru-En) for Netflix, SDI Media, United BioSource Corporation, and others, including movies, shows, and TV series such as Garfield Gets Real, Break from Prison, Jay Leno’s Garage, online training courses, educational videos, Russian movies, etc.

I am an ATA-certified English-Russian translator and provide a full range of subtitling services from human-generated transcribing to subtitle creation, translation, and creation of srt-files. You will get your file fully time-coded and aligned with the video. 

I specialize in translating metaphor-drenched, mind-stimulating, interest-kindling, page-turning marketable content — with 20 years of experience in linguistics, marketing, advertisement, social media, literature, self-help, psychology, education, parenting, spiritual and mental health, and balanced living.

No AI-used! Most AI-generated transcriptions and translations introduce subtle or overt errors, which affect the overall quality. To avoid this, I meticulously go through every line of text to ensure the correct transference of meaning.

If you have poetry or songs in your content, I have extensive experience in translating elevated poetry and provide rhymed translations (from USD 10 per line).

I produce idiomatic translations from Russian into English which read as if they were written by a native speaker. See my article in SOURCE, a quarterly publication by ATA’s literary division (page 24).

With over 150 books translated and edited, my translations are hand-crafted, error-free, and creative. You will not be getting generic AI content but a text you will want to come back to.

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The prices are below: (transcription, translation, review, time-code adjustment).


  1. Human transcription free.
  2. Human translation of subtitles into Russian or English USD 6 per running minute.
  3. Reviewing and editing existing subtitles USD 5 per running minute.
  4. Time-code adjustment (subtitle alignment) USD 3 per running minute.
  5. Poetry translation USD 10 per line.

For other translation prices, see here.