Certified Healthcare SEO writer

As a certified healthcare SEO writer and translator, I create SEO-friendly articles and blog posts to help your website gain visibility on Google.

Are you looking for SEO content that will rank on the 1st page of Google while delivering great value to the customer?

Such well-researched content will be easy-to-read, relevant, and trustworthy, contributing to the overall authority of your website.

My certification in SEO
My SEO Certification

With 25 years in content writing, I create SEO-friendly articles and blogs, optimizing them for Google search and Google snippets while engaging the reader to interact with your website.

Writing SEO content that generates traffic for years to come

When it comes to writing SEO content that consistently generates leads, it’s important to start the process with thorough keyword research.

I use SEMrush, KWfinder, and Google Trends. I look for keyword variations, synonyms, possible titles, subheadings, etc.

Next, I come up with long-tail keywords that are unique for the business I am writing for, and I look for ways to optimize content for snippets (standalone, question-answer format).

Then, I find a variety of synonyms to use in the article while avoiding keyword stuffing and duplicate content. The goal is to match the content with the search intent that you want to be found for.

Next, I draft the actual article with on-page SEO in mind (internal and external links, meta-title, meta-description, headings, anchor text, and permalink).

And, finally, I run the article through the YOAST SEO checklist in WordPress to check the readability score, paragraph length, subheadings distribution, etc.

My experience in SEO writing

I create 100% unique, thought-provoking, enlightening, empowering articles which grab the reader’s attention.

I incorporate the best SEO practices for increasing website visibility on search engines.

Please check my samples here: https://www.sociomix.com/u/eugene-terekhin/

Easy-to-read, packed with valuable well-researched information, transformative, paradigm-shifting content.

Education: MA in English and German from Omsk State Pedagogical University, 1995.

Certifications: Fundamentals of SEO from University of California, Davis, 2019.

I write content for a digital platform SOCIOMIX.

I have been creating content for a wide range of businesses – expert-level articles, blogs, books, meditations, stories, emails).

I specialize in writing metaphor-rich, mind-stimulating, interest-kindling, page-turning, sales-driving content.

As a certified SEO writer, I have broad experience in linguistics, marketing, advertisement, social media, literature, psychology, education, health and wellness, and spiritual and mental health.

10+ million words translated and written in marketing, medical, healthcare, e-commerce, safety, and other fields.

Examples of SEO articles

To see examples of my SEO articles please check my portfolio at SOCIOMIX

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