Over 10,000,000 words translated and edited since 1993.

150+ books translated and edited.

4 books written (see below).


1. Online Publications:

SETON Magazine: The Secret to Helping Your Child Love Reading

SOURCE, a quarterly publication by ATA’s literary division. Translation of C.S. Lewis’ poem “The Birth of Language”. (see pages 24-27).

Library of Congress World Digital Library project, employed as a primary Russian language specialist.


2. 150+ Books Translated and Edited

Such titles as:

Owen Barfield’s fairy-tale “The Silver Trumpet”.

C.S.Lewis poem “The Birth of Language” and “What the Bird Said Early in the Year” (to be published in SOURCE, ATA Quarterly Publication by the Literary Division in the summer issue).

Business and management book summaries for getAbstract publishing (Brief-And-To-The-Point Publishing), which specializes in translating and publishing educational book abstracts.

Paul Benware’s book Understanding the End Times Prophecy.

Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross, a book that teaches cross-cultural perspective.

Major projects completed for Lutheran Heritage Foundation (

Church Postils by Martin Luther, written in 1529 (over 50 sermons);

Church and Ministry, Walther;

Postmodern Times, G. Edward Veith;

Foolishness of God, Siegbert W. Becker;

A number of expository works on the Lutheran Confessions.

Charles Spurgeon’s three-volume work Treasury of David (over 300,000 words);

John Calvin’s commentaries on St. Paul’s epistles (1st and 2nd Corinthians).

Projects completed for Colloquium Publishing House (Ukraine):

A 500 page book on homeschooling and popular science, Science and Faith by C. John Collins;


3. Literary achievements:

Laureate of the International Literary Foundation “VSM” Literary Diploma

Author of children’s books in English and in Russian.