Over 10,000,000 words translated and edited since 1993.

150+ books translated and edited.

4 books written (see below).


1. Online Publications:

SETON Magazine: The Secret to Helping Your Child Love Reading

SOURCE, a quarterly publication by ATA’s literary division. Translation of C.S. Lewis’ poem “The Birth of Language.” (see pages 24-27).

Library of Congress World Digital Library project, employed as a primary Russian language specialist.


2. 150+ Books Translated and Edited

Such titles as:

Owen Barfield’s fairy-tale “The Silver Trumpet.”

C.S.Lewis poem “The Birth of Language” and “What the Bird Said Early in the Year” (published in SOURCE, a Quarterly Publication by the ATA Literary Division, summer issue).

Business and management book summaries for getAbstract publishing (Brief-And-To-The-Point Publishing), which specializes in translating and publishing educational book abstracts.

Paul Benware’s book Understanding the End Times Prophecy.

Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross, a book that teaches cross-cultural perspective.

Major projects completed for Lutheran Heritage Foundation (

Church Postils by Martin Luther, written in 1529 (over 50 sermons);

Church and Ministry, Walther;

Postmodern Times, G. Edward Veith;

Foolishness of God, Siegbert W. Becker;

A number of expository works on the Lutheran Confessions.

Charles Spurgeon’s three-volume work Treasury of David (over 300,000 words);

John Calvin’s commentaries on St. Paul’s epistles (1st and 2nd Corinthians).

Projects completed for Colloquium Publishing House (Ukraine):

A 500-page book on homeschooling and popular science, Science and Faith by C. John Collins;


3. Literary achievements:

Laureate of the International Literary Foundation “VSM” Literary Diploma

Author of children’s books in English and in Russian.